Wallpaper Printing

At BLUEFOX MEDIA, we provide artistic and personalized wallpapers that can add a special touch to your home décor. We can personalize your digital files into exclusive designer wallpapers for your bedroom, kid's room, living room or guest room.

A soothing and romantic theme or your most precious and intimate moments can be illustrated on your bedroom walls; a fantasy world of Tom & Jerry or Disney or Barbie can be created on the walls of your kid’s room; a classy or abstract theme can adorn the walls of your living room, guest room or study and a more trendy or relevant design can add flavor to your designer kitchen or bathrooms!

Customized wallpapers can also enhance the aesthetics of any interior, be it hotels, restaurants, cafes, housing complexes, clubs, kindergartens, crèches, retail outlets, etc.

Our unique wallpapers are PVC-free, non-adhesive, odor-free and environment friendly. They are perfectly safe for indoor usage and can also be easily removed during replacements after 3 to 4 years, without damaging the walls.

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